Are you ready to

let go of what is not serving you anymore in your life?

AND to

Build a Life You Love?


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Right now:

◊ You are feeling uninspired or lacking motivation and you don’t know which direction you want to take in your life?

◊ You are feeling stuck?

◊ You feel overwhelmed and tired and you worry about your future?

◊ Despite all your efforts you find yourself in the same point in life over and over again and facing same problems?

◊ You want more in your life? You want to find the ease and flow and contentment of living a life you love?

◊ You want a fulfilling career/work life and harmonious relationships?

◊ You are employed, looking for work or running your own business


And you want to:

💚  Wake up every day feeling energized and ready to tackle your day

💚 Feel calm, confident and in love with yourself, your body and your life

💚 Have a clear mind and encouraging thoughts

💚 No longer be afraid to show up in your life and be yourself 100%

💚 Live with ease, flow and purpose!




What is not serving you anymore in your life and you are ready to let go of?


→ limiting beliefs 

→ though patterns / ways of thinking

→ personal stories

→ old habits

→ fears

→ pain / old wounds / traumas

 → self-sabotage, procrastination, resistance

→ anxiety 

→ depression

→ stress

→ burnout

→ emotional and mental blockages



Welcome! I am Mara, the founder of Start this Day, coaching psychologist and burnout & engagement expert!

I am on a mission to help women and men to have more happiness, love and joy in their life.

Remember when you met someone that truly loved their life and were talking passionate about it? Spreading their enthusiasm and, even though, they had to face many challenges, they looked at those challenges with serenity?  That’s what I am talking about with more happiness, joy and love!


"The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own.
No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame.
The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.
This is the day your life really begins.
Bob Moawad

Coaching Approach

Transformative coaching tools and strategies

Psychological tools and strategies 

Intuitive guidance

Holistic: mind, body & soul alignment

Based on available personal resources and a deep process of self-discovery




This is not about “fixing” you or making you “better” as you are already perfect and complete

You will peel back all the layers that are not serving you anymore and make space into your life for what you are longing for!

You will reconnect with your body’s wisdom and you will create a life more in tune with your needs, wishes and dreams.

Deep, long-lasting change from the inside

You will learn how to be your own coach 

For whom

For women and men that are committed to a happy and fulfilling life and are ready to do the work it takes for achieving it

NOT if you are looking for a quick fix!!!

 If you are looking for 1 on 1 coaching programs, workshops and training, or a speaker at an event

Why Start this Day

Because “tomorrow “or “next week” or “next Monday” or “next year” or “this year” is actually tomorrow or next week or next Monday or next year!

That means that you are dreaming and postponing instead of doing, so start!

Mara reads into my mind with such ease and naturality that seems I have written on my face facts that had completely eluded me. Her insights range from awesome to genius, which sometimes becomes apparent right away while others need time to sink and hit me later like a hammer. She offers easy and effective exercises to further move forward between sessions

CTO, male, 40

The coaching process

Get in touch

Use one of the multiple methods offered here  : email, phone, direct calendar booking!

We meet

We meet for 30 minutes and we get to know each other and discuss the possibility of working together. 

We commit to working together

One of the most important steps for moving forward is having a clear and strong commitment and a clear understanding of our working relationship.

We start working together

Each step and action taken will be the result of the collaboration between us and the commitment to achieve a deep, lasting change. This step will involve 1-1 sessions and “homework”; it means that you will take an active role.

The transformation and results

What happens when you deal with you limiting beliefs, stories or wounds; when you face your fears; when you find clarity and  have a loving and empowering relationship with yourself? Exactly: endless possibilities!


Book a free strategy session right now!

The Strategy Session will acquaint you with the process and benefits of coaching, plus give you an opportunity to ask questions. 

It’s not a 30-minute sales pitch; it’s about trying coaching and each of us deciding if there’s a good fit between us.
March 2018
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Find your way to the happy, purposeful and energetic you!

A Holistic Approach to Burnout and Stress: Connecting and Aligning your Mind, Body and Soul!

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